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Benefits of Requirements Tool

Word and Excel are not Requirement Tools

Multi-dimensional structuring for process control and reuse

  • Information is only available in one place and context.
  • Reuse is only possible using copies of existing information
  • Spreadsheets and document are the only way of providing structure for data
  • No user- or task-based sorting or filtering possible (at least in MS Word, and error-prone in MS Excel)

Lack of control and audit trail

  • Who can create or change requirements/attributes/links?
  • Who made changes to existing data? When and why?
  • Which information can be related to other information?
  • Documents can have multiple versions (if managed manually, but not the information within the documents.
  • Change analysis for requirements is impossible
  • There is no history of changes

No traceability

  • Traceability is only, in best case, a field or text letting you know the requirements relationships
  • There is no way to follow these traces, nor get metrics, reports, perform impact analysis, etc.
  • Traces need to be supported manually
  • There are no traces with other tools

Concurrent access / Multiple users

  • When a document is opened by an user, it is fully blocked. There is no way for another user to modify the document while another have it open
  • There are no different access rights on requirements/attributes/etc.

Metrics, reports, dashboards

  • Apart from counting pages and words, there are no metrics