What Is Impact Analysis?   

Every decision has consequences. When leaders don’t think them through, the results can be downright devastating. By focusing on the unexpected, often negative, implications of decisions, impact analysis can identify the potential consequences of a change and help organizations make informed decisions This article explains what impact analysis is, how it can be applied in

Software Requirement Specification (SRS): Tips & Template

Communication is the key to success in software development. According to one study that examined why software development companies struggle to provide customers with software solutions that meet their expectations, poor communication, and unclear requirements are among the top reasons why software projects fail. Clear, well-communicated requirements help development teams create the right product, representing

Requirement Tracking Tool

Explore how a requirement tracking tool can benefit you and your business What is a requirement tracking tool? Simply put, requirements tracking tools are mechanisms that take away the guesswork from projects, replacing assumptions and ambiguity with facts and certainty. By utilizing these tools during a product’s development process and making it part of an

Requirement Management – What are the business benefit – Free white paper

The basis of this paper is to present the business case for the introduction of effective requirements management to support  major projects and the development of complex systems. There is strong evidence to support the case that reducing requirement errors and omission may be the single most effective action that project managers and developers of complex systems can

Electronic Signature- How to comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11 – Free white paper

What is FDA 21CFR Part 11 The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a legal responsibility to ensure that medical devices are safe and effective. Therefore, in FDA-regulated industries, quality and accountability standards are much higher. One of the ways the  FDA assures quality in the industry is to require that records concerning important aspects of

Non-Functional Requirements

Often during system development we become very focused on making sure we meet all of the functional requirements for a system. Although functional requirements are indeed very important, they are not the only way a system will be evaluated by end-users and business owners. If a user can indeed retrieve a credit card statement, but

Requirements Change Management

Professional requirements management solutions track in the background what’s happening in your project. What changes have been done and what’s remaining unchanged? Given the high granularity – each single Requirement is a database element – all changes are recorded on requirements level. This allows analyzing in detail which changes have been done between two versions

Agile in Requirements Management

Agile is certainly becoming a preferred development methodology as the focus today continues to move towards earlier deliveries.So how can agile methodology and requirements management work together? The focus of Agile is on individuals interacting and collaborating with customers to create software that works. Agile also provides for a quick response to change  and actually

Requirement Definition – 4 mistakes to avoid

Over the years I have come to understand the role of use cases in the requirements definition activities. They are very valuable if done properly. The problem I continue to see in many organizations is that they are not done properly. So what are some of the mistakes that can help ensure you are getting

6 tips for perfect requirement gathering

  As part of the elicitation process, it is critical that we ask the right questions.When I hear someone say “The customer doesn’t know what they want,” I tend to cringe. I think the customer knows what they want. They may not know how to express that to us. Our job is to ask the