COVID 19 – Free Training and Temporary Licenses

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  • Free Training Classes
  • Free Temporary Visure Web-App Licenses
  • Free Temporary Visure ALM Licenses

While the whole world is going through unprecedented circumstances with the COVID-19 virus pandemic, we are here to help you and our commitment to those we serve is unwavering. Our top priority is to support our valued customers, in helping your teams navigate this difficult time. We have been taking proactive steps to help:

Free Training Classes

We will be holding FREE training sessions to accommodate as many attendees as possible. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Please see the training topics below to better fit your schedule.

Training Class Dates / Times:
April 8th, 2020:
NORTH AMERICA 10 AM PST (San Francisco, CA)

EUROPE 10:00 CEST (Paris, Madrid, Berlin)

Training Agenda:

  1. Introduction – Visure Basics (15 Min)
  2. Import Strategies (30 Min)
    1. General Import Process
    2. Regular expressions
    3. Importing Standards from PDF to Word
    4. Upcoming features in the import tool
  3. Export Strategies (30 Min)
    1. General Export Process
    2. Terms, references and cross-references
    3. Templates
    4. Attributes
  4. *** Break *** (15 min)
  5. Visure Approval and review processes (30 Min)
    1. Worfklow definition, transitions and scripts
    2. Scripts in transitions: Defining preconditions, changing access rights to elements
    3. Establishing triggers in requirements
  6. Visure Q&A (15 Min)

Free Temporary Visure Web-App Licenses

To overcome this challenge of working from home, we are providing free temporary Visure WEB-App component to facilitate your remote work situation. Visure Web-App interface is an HTML5, zero-install client that allows users to run Visure Requirements (Full/Read-Write license) from popular web browsers on any platform (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chromebook, etc.). Please contact us at

Free Temporary Visure ALM Platform Licenses

In light of this situation, we want to facilitate your work from home, so we are happy to deliver free temporary licenses. For those that need to work remotely from home, simply fill out this form and we will process your license request.

We extend our thoughts to you, your family members, and co-workers and hope that you all stay safe and healthy during this challenging time.