Industry Standards – Requirements Software

Capability Maturity Model Integration

Visure Requirements provides support for the implementation of CMMI, automating parts of the processes, ensuring fulfillment of processes even in moments of stress, and standardizing and harmonizing them along the company.

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Support of DO-178B/C

Visure Requirements provides end-to-end traceability between all the requirement-related artifacts in one single environment, and through the integration with other tools of the lifecycle, requirements for DO-178B are dynamically traced through all stages of development.

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Failure mode and effect analysis

With the Visure traceability functions the FMEA extension can be used to follow the evolution of the Requirements over time and over the full Requirements lifecycle.

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Support of IEC 62304

Visure Requirements allows you to standardize and streamline your organization processes related to IEC 62304, by graphically defining the artifacts and enforcing the traceability policy between them.

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SPICE compliance

Visure Requirements is a great option specially while implementing stage 2 as it meets almost all the processes related to Requirements Engineering, including Stakeholders Requirements Definition Process, System Requirements Analysis Process and Software Requirements Analysis Process.

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