Liderazgo tecnológico

Liderazgo tecnológico

«Stop just documenting your requirements, drive your development through requirements with Visure Requirements»


Since the creation of Visure Requirements, dedication and commitment to R&D has been a priority in order to be capable of including the most innovative functionalities in Visure Requirements and provide support for the latest Requirements Engineering market trends.

This has led Visure Requirements to become a reference tool from the start, providing the market with cutting edge solutions to problems which have not been resolved by other tools:

  • The XRI (XML for Requirements Interchange) format, specifically developed to give support to requirements exchange between companies, has been on the market for more than five years, facilitating client/supplier relationships since then.
  • Current support for Reuse and Product Families introduces a new concept in requirements tools aimed at enhancing the efficiency of current market models.
  • Technological collaboration with specialized companies has led to the development of highly innovative joint applications, such as Visure Quality Analyzer for semantic analysis of requirements.

This ongoing commitment to innovation has allowed us to maintain the technological leadership in our solutions and include a dynamic and client-specific roadmap of our products which allows us to:

  • Reach a compromise between our clients’ current needs and the technology required to meet these.
  • Provide support for market trends.
  • Visure’s expertise in providing industry specific solutions in the field of Requirements Engineering allows us to identify, propose and support the new trends of increasingly competitive markets.

Visure Requirements‘ major contribution to the Requirements Engineering community has led different analysts of renowned international prestige to refer to Visure Requirements as follows:

«In Butler Group’s view the solution has an impressive set of integration capabilities, and can be adapted easily to existing RDM processes in organizations, as well as the development methodology in use.»

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