Technology solutions are becoming increasingly more complex and no technology provider can provide all the necessary elements on its own. That is why we actively seek and develop alliances with technology providers with solutions that complement ours. Our technology partners are renowned companies with best-in-class solutions in the IT and embedded sectors.

If you become a Visure partner, you will grow your business because companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of this initial phase in the Software Lifecycle.

We have created the Visure Partners Program to help the companies and professionals of our alliance network to gain a competitive edge. To this end, we are making every effort to support our members through adequate tools, training and incentives programs.


Partner categories

  • Solution Providers
  • Service Providers
  • Technology Partners


Solution providers (VARs and distributors)

These companies are experts in the sale of RDM solutions for the IT and embedded sectors. Solution providers have trained personnel and are capable of applying our technology and certified services to the specific needs of their clients. They also provide their clients with services such as training and technical assistance. Likewise, they focus on specific vertical markets in a country or region.


Service providers (RDM consulting and training service providers)

Service providers focus on providing requirements engineering-related consulting, process improvement and implementation. Visure’s service providers have personnel trained and certified in Visure technology. Most services providers operate at regional level in several countries.


Technology partners (ISVs and OEMs)

Technology partners have technological solutions that complement Visure’s offering. OEM partners incorporate or integrate Visure’s technology in their own solution.