Visure System Validation

System Requirements Validation

Visure System Validation is based on Stimulus technology, to help engineers edit, debug, and test real-time system requirements, from early validation of requirement specifications to automated software-in-the-loop validation.


Debug your requirements before you start developing your system

Conflicting Requirements

Find conflicting requirements

Automatically detect conflicts between requirements at simulation time and help users identify the cause of the conflict. Visure System Validation helps detect and fix faulty requirements.



Find missing requirements

Identify the situations where some requirements are missing by highlighting the periods of time where some behaviors are not specified, so you can complete your specification until you are satisfied with the specified system behavior.


Missing Requirements
Test Requirements

Test your system against requirements

Test the actual design against its requirements. Use scenarios to generate numerous test vectors and find out how requirements are directly used as test objectives to check that your system meets its specification.



Measure requirements coverage

Measure the functional coverage of your test campaigns with respect to your system requirements. Using colors and coverage rates, find out which requirements have been activated by some test scenario.


Requirements Coverage

Verify that your SCADE model meets textual requirements

Verify that your SCADE design model meets textual requirements. Visure System Validation will generate the test cases using the SSS format and SCADE will use them to test the model. You will be notified automatically if the SCADE model violates the test objectives during the SCADE or Visure System Validation simulation.

Effectively test a Simulink model

How can you perform intensive test campaigns in Simulink and avoid creating each test case manually when you want to test a Simulink model? Use use cases to create test vectors automatically, while the requirements are turned into Simulink Observers in MATLAB code. Generates everything required to perform an automatic and intensive test campaign in the Visure System Validation environment.