Role Requirements Management

By Role – Requirements Management

Business Analyst

Business Analysts have a critical role throughout the project life cycle. You need to review the project deliverables that are related to requirements, solution design and testing, to ensure business needs are addressed allowing the delivery of correct systems the first time and on budget.

Quality Manager

As a quality manager you need to standardize the Requirements Engineering process in your organization with a clear goal: demonstrate maturity to the end client and increase efficiency and efficacy to your company. Visure Requirements provides full support, automization and standarization to the process.

Development Manager

As a Development Manager you find yourself in a conflicting position. the roles of the IT Department and business side speak different languages plus you will have to negotiate with various suppliers using different tools for each project. With Visure Requirements you finish up the situation of the no automated process and impossibility of establishing common processes.

Project Manager

Being a Project Manager commits you to manage efficiently the scope of each project  even when you start from scratch because of inability to reuse previous analysis. Visure Solutions will help you to track appliances in the different phases of the life cycle, maintaining associations, relationships and dependences which is translated into a better response to changes and more reliable estimates.