Visure Requirements Courses

Tailored Courses

If you do not find the course you need, in Visure we can help you to build customized training courses, relying on our previous experience in development of training plans specialized in Requirements Engineering. The training materials and exercises can be adapted to the organization’s needs and processes. Request info now!

Training on Requirements Definition and Management

These courses cover the main aspects of Requirements Management: capture, analysis, specification, validation and verification, introducing the latest techniques for carrying out all these activities. The courses also deal with other subjects in system development life cycle, directly related with requirements.

Training on Visure Requirements

Visure Requirements provides all functions needed for management and classification of requirements, together with the required flexibility to adapt itself to any requirement process. Visure Solutions offers a set of training courses covering all aspects involved in the use of Visure Requirements.

IREB Certification Course

85% of the Visure Solutions students obtained the Official IREB Certification during 2017. What are you waiting for? It is the only officIal way to demonstrate knowledge in Requirements Engineering.