SPICE - Requirements Management


  • Visure Requirements covers the entire requirements lifecycle including:
    • Requirements Management: requirements identification, versioning, traceability, etc…
    • Requirements Development: business models definition, interfaces definition, features definition, test case identification…
  • Integrated management of all requirements-related activities in one single tool, Visure Requirements, allows stakeholders to maintain a complete picture of the project its status and progress.

Kybele Consulting has conducted a survey of the Visure Requirements maintenance of the rule ISO/IEC 15504 SPICE which is applied to the complete software lifecycle.

The survey highlights that Visure Requirements is a great option during stage 2 – implementation:

"This solution meets almost fully all processes related to Requirements Engineering (Stakeholders Requirements Definition Process, System Requirements Analysis Process, Software Requirements Analysis Process). It also supports other processes indirectly related to requirements, such as Verification and Validation, Configuration Management or Quality Assurance."