Capture, analyze, specify, validate… and reuse!. From simple requirements reuse to product families support.

Visure Requirements components represent groups of elements and the relationships between them, including requirements, services and tests, representing from simple non functional requirements like usability or performance, to complex product features like interfaces.

These components can be reused in the different projects in different versions, according to the information contained:

  • Share: The elements are shared and defined between different projects in the database, allowing users to collaboratively build up a solution.
  • Read mode: The elements are read only and cannot be modified. However, they can take attributes and can be related to other elements.
  • Copy and link mode: The elements are imported in read/write, so they can be modified and updated. They can also take attributes and can be traced to other elements.
  • Copy mode: The elements become part of the destination project and loose the link with the original one.

When working with components, projects are notified if using an outgraded component, so as to decide, depending on the reuse mode selected whether to upgrade, keep the current or merge current and new components.

Through the components catalogue, companies can address their product families and variants support, building products out of combinations of components.