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iFEST - industrial Framework for Embedded Systems Tools
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iFEST - industrial Framework for Embedded Systems Tools

The iFEST ARTEMIS project aims to remedy the incompatibility of tools for embedded systems development, with particular emphasis on design and lifecycle management aspects.

The goal of iFEST is to help companies to develop innovative products and services much more efficiently due to well-functioning tool chains.
The project defined and validated a set of tool integration technologies used to integrate various combinations of tools into a tool chain. The integration framework permits tools to be readily replaced within the tool chain; thus dealing with issues such as tool obsolescence and tool lock-in.

iFEST results have demonstrated that a potential reduction by 20% of both time-to-market and engineering lifecycle costs, including cost of poor quality, is achievable through the use of iFEST integration technology and tool chains.


Visure Solutions role in the iFEST project

As experts in Requirements Engineering, we lead the definition of the iFEST specification to integrate Requirements Management tools, and participated in those specifications related with analysis, traceability and change impact analysis.

Visure developed an adaptor to integrate Visure Requirements in the iFEST solution, allowing Visure Requirements users to take advantage of the life cycle services provided by iFEST tool chains. In the last phase of the project, Visure Requirements and its iFEST adaptor were evaluated in 4 industrial use cases, proving that it is an excellent solution for managing requirements in the field of embedded systems.

Visure also participated in iFEST management tasks, acting as leader of WP3 (Requirements Engineering & Analysis).

iFEST is an ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking project ( It started in April, 2010 and finished in May, 2013.
For more information on iFEST, please visit

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