Program Benefits

Partners Program Benefits

  • Absolute commitment and maximum flexibility from Visure to develop business together.
  • Enhanced competitive of Partner's products and services offer.
    • Without need to invest in the own development solutions.
    • Incorporating Visure's leading and well-known solutions in a constant growing market.
    • Integrating Visure's own and third solutions to constitute a competitive and solid offer in the field of ALM, PLM.
  • Increase business opportunities through:
    • Products and Services Visure specialized offer.
    • Access to leads generated by Visure.
    • Access to big international accounts with which be able to realize cross-selling of the rest of products and services offered by the Partner.
    • Specific training in Visure´s solutions offered to solve clients Critical Business Issues related to Requirements Definition and Management.
    • Direct access to international Visure's Partners network.


What does Visure offer through our Partners Program?

Partners Program offers exceptional benefits in the following areas, necessary to business development.

Start-up package to accelerate the partnership deployment

  • Initial training.
  • Visure Requirements's free licenses for the business team.
  • Sales Guide and Power Point presentations.
  • Access to courses material.
  • Visure´s marketing materials ( product sheets, catalogues, etc)
  • Immediate access to Partners Resource Portal.
  • The right to use the corresponding Partnership logo.
  • Press releases' elaboration and promotion announcing the partnership.
  • Crossed References in Partners and Visure websites.


  • Marketing Plan jointly elaborated in order to develop awareness and business in the territory and industries managed by the Partner.
  • Access to Visure's leads.
  • Possibility of including information in Visure's Newsletter and of distributing it through Partner database contacts.
  • Possibility of inviting Partner contacts to the webinars and seminars organized by Visure.
  • Joint elaboration and promotion press releases.
  • Possibility of acceding cosponsor marketing events with Visure.
  • Access to Partner resource Portal, which includes:
    • Visure promotional and marketing material.
    • Visure products presales and sales material.
    • References and Case Studies.
    • Requirements Engineering training material.
    • Competitors and Research Studies.
    • and much more,...


  • Interesting margins, over the average of software tools market.
  • Active and ongoing support in the sales processes by the Visure's business development team.
  • Webinars and technical presentations for the opportunities support.
  • Support to RFIs/RFPs' response.
  • Specific programs with advantages for new clients.
  • Replacement programs.
  • References elaboration programs.
  • Ongoing training to the partner business team, in-person and online.
  • Training:
    • Free invitation to Visure periodic training events, in-person and online.
    • Training in Visure's marketing products and solutions.
    • Access to Visure Requirements Certification Program.
    • Optional training on  Plugins development and on Visure products integration with third-party products.

Technical support

  • Second level technical support.
  • Access to  Visure Requirements  FAQ and Knowledge Center through the Visure Service Desk Portal.
  • Access to Service Desk Portal for the issue management and follow-up.
  • Technical discussion forums.
  • Services Team Support:
    • Access to templates for elaborating customized demos and proof of concepts, in response to market and/or specific needs.
    • Team Availability in case the Partner needs them to guarantee a successful implementation of our solutions.
    • Competitive rates.