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Success Stories

Success Stories

eg Technology

At eg technology, Visure Requirements has been used on 5 client projects and is now the defacto option when creating specification documents or commencing work for a new client. We have certainly seen benefits in terms of time saving when we needed to produce traceability reports for a product that has been submitted to the FDA for medical device approval.


PharmaMar prescribes Visure Requirements as a solution for improvement in Requirements Management processes. Visure Requirements allow us to speed up our Requirements Engineering processes, improve the quality of the documentation and give support to system validation in the Communcation Development department at PharmaMar.

EKE - Electronics Ltd

Thanks to the flexible and powerful Visure Requirements solution and implementation together with ImproveIt Oy, EKE-Electronics has been able to significantly improve the Requirement Engineering Process and coordination among different teams (Sales, Design, Quality Management, etc...). EKE is now able to respond to customer requests and tenders quicker and more accurately, while maintaining control of the related product specifications.

Banco Espírito Santo

Visure´s solution, is implemented successfully in the BES Group to optimise the processes for Requirements Definition and Management in partnership with Noesis. With this solution, the BES Group also gained a central information platform which allows the documentation of the functions of the company's applications.


Thanks to the Visure Requirements solution Optimus now has access to a solution with key functionalities that has boosted the productivity of the team members (Requirements Managers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Quality Managers, etc...) of each project, and has enabled the business goals to be aligned with IT deliverables.