Why Visure for IBM DOORS migration

Why Visure for IBM DOORS migration

Our Requirements Management Solution Visure Requirements streamlines requirements processes and allows teams to be more effective by supporting the complete requirements lifecycle.

Visure vs IBM Doors


Safe data migration

The migration process has been designed by proven DXL experts which make it consistent and error proof results. Try now!


Unique expertise in product and embedded environment

Visure’s team has a unique and profound experience in the development and implementation of requirements solutions in product and embedded environments, which combines a high level of programs, larger programs, distributed teams, compliance with standards,….


Information-centric, not only document-driven

DOORS and some other competitors are based on documents. Visure Requirements is centered around information: requirements, attributes, links, etc. Requirements structures are not built for documents only, but based on graphically designed process diagrams, allowing to control attributes assignments and relationships.



As some vendors prefer closed environments, Visure Requirements already integrates with several tools to help you define and structure your SDLC based on your needs.