Our Vision

We define Requirements Definition and Management as a global set of different activities where requirements specification and subsequent management thereof are not sufficient and other activities are required, such as requirements Capture, Analysis, Verification and Validation, without forgetting to carry out adequate change Configuration and Control Management, in addition to the traceability of the requirements to the rest of the project elements.

Visure not only helps its clients to expedite the Requirements Definition and Management implementation process but also to use and manage it, through the use of different mechanisms and training, evaluation and specialized consulting activities.


At Visure we are aware that each industry and business model has inherent problems. That is why we analyze how we can offer solutions for specific needs, sectors and models.

At Visure we offer specialized solutions that combine the best software and systems engineering practices, such as:

  • Integration of the different sources of change (demand management, help-desk, etc.) with development processes. Recently, the consulting firm Yphise certified Visure Requirements as "the best requirements management solution for optimizing the alignment of requirements with the business."
  • Automation of systems validation activities in regulated environments (pharma, medical equipment, etc.).
  • Automation of requirements-related CMMI activities.
  • Change impact analysis as a decision-making tool.
  • Management of specifications families' products that provide specific support for reusable components.
  • Specifications exchange between clients and suppliers, in the case of both subcontracts with software factories and suppliers of complex systems (automotive, aerospace, microelectronics, etc.).

Flexibility and commitment to clients

The Visure team's sole motivation is that of helping our clients to enhance the quality of their products and systems. This involves:

  • Treating our clients' requests as opportunities for improving our products.
  • Guaranteeing the integration of our solutions with already implemented tools by using open standards and connectors.
  • Helping them to implement initiatives for improving their requirements management processes, in order to guarantees the success thereof.
  • Personalized technical support.

Ongoing innovation

This ongoing commitment to innovation has allowed us to maintain the technological leadership in our solutions and include a dynamic and client-specific roadmap of our products which allows us to:

  • Reach a compromise between our clients' current needs and the technology required to meet these.
  • Provide support for market trends.
  • Visure's expertise in providing industry specific solutions in the field of Requirements Engineering allows us to identify, propose and support the new trends of increasingly competitive markets.