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Videos are great resources to learn about Visure ALM platform. We are listing on this portal all the video that you could be interested to watch in order to learn about our tool’s features, installation process, Webinars, … Please scroll down to the category that you are interested in:


Visure 5.0 full Demo

Visure ALM Platform supports different parts of the lifecycle including Requirements Management, Test Management, Risk Management and Change Management in one single, integrated platform. Here is an overview of Visure.

  • Specification view + filtering – 0:30min
  • Dashboards – 1:45min
  • Excel Export – 3:30min
  • Creating & modifying requirements – 4:30min
  • Workflow – 8:30min
  • Versioning – 10:50min
  • Export Word – 12:45min
  • Import Word – 15:10min
  • Traceability – 20:20min
  • Traceability matrix – 20:00min
  • Change management – 26:30min
  • Test Management – 30:30min
  • Risk management – 38:00min

Visure Reviewer Intro

Visure Reviewer is an easy to use web application specially designed to facilitate the Review process. The Reviewer allows its stakeholders to access the same database than the traditional client.

Webinar Videos:

Webinar Nov. 20th 2019: Visure 5.1 & Visure Web Reviewer

Watch the recording of the webinar: Modern and Innovative Requirements Management ALM Platform

  • Comprehensive ALM platform including Requirements Management
  • Test Management and Risk Management
  • End-to-end Traceability
  • Change impact analysis
  • Change management
  • Collaboration
  • Quality management
  • Templates for Standards Compliance

Tutorial Videos:

First Steps with Visure Reviewer

Here is a quick video that will walk you through the first steps when connecting to Visure Reviewer.

Visure Reviewer: Browsing through Specification

Specifications are important item in Visure Requirements ALM Platform. Here is how to check them out in Visure Reviewer.

Visure Reviewer: Discussions

Collaboration management is one of the multiple capability of Visure ALM Platform. Here is how it is done in Visure Reviewer.

Visure Reviewer: Baselines

Here is a video that would show you how we manage Baselines with Visure Reviewer.

Import from Microsoft Word

Here is a quick video on how easy it is to import from Microsoft Word with Visure ALM Platform.

JIRA Integration

Have a quick look at how Visure ALM Platform integrates with JIRA. This two way integration allows you to automatically synchronize any items from both tool’s databases.

How to modify an attribute type

Attribute types are entirely customizable in Visure ALM Platform and you can modify them pretty quickly. Here is a quick video that shows you how to do it.

Creating a Caption

Captions are essential for Requirements management. The process in Visure ALM Platform is very straight forward and we recorded a quick video that will show you how to do it.

Test management

Visure ALM Platform provides traceability between test cases and requirements, as well as the definition of test execution cycles. Here is an overview of Test Management.

Installation Support Videos:

Install floating license server

A Step by step guide to install the license server and register your floating licenses.

Install Visure Requirements ALM using floating licenses

Step by step process that will show you how to install and configure Visure ALM platform for your floating licenses.

Register Nodelocked license

Here is a video to show you step by step how to register a nodelocked license for Visure ALM platform.

Create an SQL database

Here is how to create and configure a SQL database for Visure ALM Platform.

Create SQL database + Users

Here is how you can create a SQL database and the associated users for Visure ALM Platform.

Connect to existing SQL database

Here is how to connect Visure ALM Platform to an existing SQL database.

Visure Report Manager installation

Here is a quick video to show you how to install Visure Report Manager.

Web app installation

Here is how to instal our web app client that allows you to access Visure ALM Platform from a Web browser.

Quality Analyzer Installation

Visure ALM Platform provides requirements quality analysis capabilities. Here is how to install this plugin.

Visure Jira Unattended integration

Here is how to configure the integration between Visure Requirements ALM platform and Jira.

Training Videos:

Chapter 1: Requirements Capture

We will be covering different steps, mechanisms and techniques that can be applied to the requirements elicitation. Additionally, at the end of the theoretical explanation, we will be reviewing how a professional tool, Visure Requirements, can help us performing this task….

Chapter 2: Requirements Analysis and Negotiation

In this webinar, we will continue through the activities of the engineering process and we will focus on requirements analysis and negotiation. Now that we have got a first set of requirements (or proto requirements) we are ready for starting working with them and negotiate them with the different stakeholders. Additionally, at the end of the theoretical explanation, we will be reviewing how a professional tool, Visure Requirements, can help us performing this tasks

Chapter 3: Requirements Specification

In this webinar we will be recapping the previous concepts already learned about requirements elicitation and requirements analysis moving forward to the requirements specification.

Chapter 4: Requirements Validation

In this webinar we will be recapping the previous concepts already learned about requirements elicitation, analysis and specification moving forward to the last activity, the requirements validation. Now that the needs and constraints of the stakeholders have been gathered, analyzed and specified we must ensure that this is exactly what the customer is asking for, what the costumer really needs.

Chapter 5: Requirements Management

In this webinar we will be covering the tasks associated with the requirements management that we must carry out during the whole requirements engineering process in order to support all its activities. For doing so, we will be reviewing how we can do it in a more traditional way (word, excel) ad with the help of a professional requirements tool

Chapter 6: Requirement Traceability

Traceability is key for requirements engineering success, thanks to traces we can better understand those requirements, their rationale, their validation process, the tests that will verify them, the stakeholders that asked for them, etc. We will be covering how traceability can be accomplished (with effort) from a more traditional way (using word or excel) and how professional tools like Visure Requirements will ease this duty and will give a new perspective when using this traces

Chapter 7: Change Management

Through this webinar we covered different tasks and techniques that help us to go through those changes like versioning, baselining, impact analysis, etc. All of those tasks can be covered without using any professional requirements tool (just with word or excel) but the amount of time and effort needed will be huge so we will also focus on how we can carry on with this activities using Visure Requirements.

We are regularly adding new videos to each of the sections above. If you haven’t found what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the link below.

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