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Best CLC/TS 50701 Compliance Tools, Checklists & Templates

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Compliance with international standards is crucial for businesses operating in various industries. One such standard is the CLC/TS 50701, which provides guidelines for the implementation of effective configuration management processes. To ensure compliance with this standard, organizations can benefit from utilizing specialized tools, checklists, and templates. In this article, we will explore some of the best CLC/TS 50701 compliance tools, checklists, and templates available in the market.

Compliance Tools

Configuration Management Software

Configuration management software simplifies and automates the process of managing and tracking changes in complex systems. These tools offer features such as version control, change tracking, and documentation management. Some of the top configuration management software options for CLC/TS 50701 compliance include:

  • Visure Requirements ALM Platform: Visure Requirements ALM Platform is a comprehensive solution that combines requirements management, change management, and traceability features. It assists organizations in achieving CLC/TS 50701 compliance by providing a seamless integration of configuration management processes with requirement management workflows.
  • Jira Software: Jira Software, developed by Atlassian, is a popular choice for managing configuration changes. It allows teams to plan, track, and release changes efficiently, ensuring compliance with CLC/TS 50701 requirements.
  • IBM Rational ClearCase: ClearCase is a robust configuration management solution that provides version control, workspace management, and change tracking capabilities. It offers support for CLC/TS 50701 compliance and is widely used in industries such as aerospace and defense.

Requirements Management Tools

Effective requirements management is a vital component of CLC/TS 50701 compliance. The following tools help organizations manage and track requirements throughout the configuration management lifecycle:

  • Visure Requirements ALM Platform: Visure Requirements ALM Platform also serves as a powerful requirements management tool, allowing organizations to capture, track, and manage requirements throughout the configuration management process. It provides traceability and comprehensive reporting capabilities, contributing to CLC/TS 50701 compliance efforts.
  • IBM Rational DOORS: Rational DOORS is a requirements management tool that enables organizations to capture, analyze, and trace requirements. It helps ensure that requirements are properly linked to configuration items and facilitates compliance with CLC/TS 50701 guidelines.
  • Polarion Requirements: Polarion Requirements offers a comprehensive platform for managing requirements, including traceability, impact analysis, and collaboration features. It assists organizations in meeting CLC/TS 50701 compliance requirements by providing a robust requirements management framework.

Compliance Checklists

Compliance checklists serve as handy references to ensure all necessary steps are taken to meet CLC/TS 50701 requirements. Here are some essential elements to include in your compliance checklist:

Configuration Identification

  • Assign unique identifiers to all configuration items.
  • Establish a baseline for each configuration item.
  • Document dependencies and relationships between configuration items.

Configuration Control

  • Establish a formal change control process.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for change management.
  • Implement mechanisms for reviewing and approving changes.

Configuration Status Accounting

  • Maintain an accurate record of the status of each configuration item.
  • Track changes made to configuration items throughout their lifecycle.
  • Ensure traceability between configuration items and associated changes.

Configuration Verification and Audit

  • Perform regular audits to verify compliance with CLC/TS 50701.
  • Conduct configuration inspections to identify discrepancies or unauthorized changes.
  • Implement a mechanism for verifying the integrity and accuracy of configuration items.

Compliance Templates

Compliance templates offer standardized formats and structures for documenting configuration management processes. These templates can be tailored to suit specific organizational needs while ensuring adherence to CLC/TS 50701 compliance guidelines. Here are a few examples of compliance templates:

Configuration Management Plan (CMP) Template

A CMP template outlines the strategy, roles, and responsibilities for configuration management within an organization. It typically includes sections on configuration identification, configuration control, configuration status accounting, and configuration verification and audit. Using a CMP template helps establish a consistent approach to configuration management and facilitates CLC/TS 50701 compliance.

Configuration Item Record (CIR) Template

A CIR template provides a standardized format for recording essential information about each configuration item. It includes details such as the item’s unique identifier, version information, relationships to other items, and any associated documentation. Using a CIR template ensures that all necessary information about configuration items is consistently documented, aiding compliance with CLC/TS 50701 requirements.


Achieving compliance with CLC/TS 50701 requires the right tools, checklists, and templates to effectively manage configuration changes and ensure adherence to international standards. By utilizing configuration management software such as Jira Software, IBM Rational ClearCase, and Visure Requirements ALM Platform, organizations can streamline their processes, enhance traceability, and maintain a robust configuration management framework. Additionally, leveraging requirements management tools like IBM Rational DOORS, Polarion Requirements, and Visure Requirements ALM Platform is essential for effectively managing and tracking requirements throughout the configuration management lifecycle. By incorporating these tools into their workflows, organizations can enhance their CLC/TS 50701 compliance efforts.

Take the next step towards achieving CLC/TS 50701 compliance by trying out the free 30-day trial at Visure Requirements ALM Platform. Experience the power of an integrated solution that combines configuration management and requirements management, providing a seamless and efficient approach to compliance. Visit Visure Requirements ALM Platform to start your free trial today.

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