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What is Rapita Systems: Integration with Visure Requirements ALM


Integrating Rapita Systems with Visure Requirements ALM

Empower engineering teams building complex products or systems to exchange data and documents of requirements by integrating Visure Requirements ALM with RAPITA Systems via ReqIF.

Visure Requirements ALM integration with RAPITA Systems
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Export and Import to & from Rapita Systems

RAPITA Systems is a software verification tool and service embedded for companies in the aerospace and automotive industries, helping them increase software quality, deliver evidence to meet safety and certification objectives and reduce project costs.

The Rapita Verification Suite (RVS) makes software testing more efficient and reliable. The RVS was designed with safety in mind and is qualifiable for use in environments such as DO-178C/ED-12C and ISO 26262. Supporting its position as a key provider of verification solutions, Rapita Systems provides expert multicore timing and V&V services aimed at safety or mission-critical environments, supporting a range of activities including unit, integration, system and acceptance testing, timing analysis and optimization (for both single- and multi-core systems), compiler validation and assurance services.

Integrate Seamlessly & Eliminate Migration Risk With Rapita Systems and Visure Via ReqIF

With this integration, you’ll be able to select exactly where and how you want testings, risks and traceability to be shown based on the data model you configure and create within Visure, it allows to track requirements down to issues, and from there to the source code.

As with all Visure integrations, you can select which items to be traced within the tools, allowing you to generate reports in any formats for audits and stakeholders, showcasing the traceability of components across both tools.

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Why Top Leading Safety Critical Companies Integrate Rapita Systems and Visure

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Reduce Risk & Manage Standard Compliance

Mitigate Risk and avoid stressful compliance audits across projects by centralizing and tracing in a single source of platform.

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Full end-to-end Traceability, including Source Code

Configure your data model and gain full traceability between tests, requirements, risk, defects and all items, including source code to specific requirements.

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Simple Import and Export Data

Increase your productivity by using simple import and export data features from ReqIF and MS Office Word and Excel.

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Facilitate Real Time Collaboration & Alignment

Visure integrates bi-directionally and automatically with the top industry engineering tools, easing collaboration among teams in real time.

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Easy to use UX/UI Requirements ALM Tool

Forget about legacy tools user friendly experience, and implement an easy to use Requirements ALM tool with a low learning curve.

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Most Value to Price Product in the Market Guaranteed

We are committed to your team's project success by delivering within budget. That's why Visure's pricing is a fraction from other competitors.

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Maintain Security Across Development

With our On-Premise Licensing option, you can easily deploy and maintain security across all your projects within the tool.

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Accelerate Project Speed to Market

Increase your team's productivity with reusability of components across projects and automating repetitive tasks through open source code & AI.

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Access Premium Support, Trainings and Consultations

Fast track your team's success by getting your team up and running easily, while staying on top with industry best practices.

1,000+ Highly Regulated Organizations Trust Visure

What industry professionals say about us

Michael D.
Michael D.System Engineer- Aerospace Industry
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“Visure tools helped identify deficiencies in our traceability from using traditional spreadsheets for a mission critical customer.”
 Reza Madjidi
Reza MadjidiCEO- ConsuNova
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“The quicker the developer can demonstrate the proof of the completed reviews, the more credibility they show to the certification authorities such as FAA and EASA.”
David WarwickSoftware Group Lead
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“Visure Requirements ALM removes the administrative overhead of keeping multiple Word/Excel documents up to date, while maintaining a flexible approach which fits with our existing ISO processes.”
Elena Perez Rodriguez
Elena Perez RodriguezSystem Engineer, Lidax Edit Top
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“Visure Requirements ALM Platform really simplified the project traceability and impact analysis process, that used to be very time consuming before Visure”

As posted in G2, SoftwareReviews and TrustRadius.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance.
Enforce Full Traceability.
Accelerate Your Timelines.

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