ISO 26262

Requirements Software for support of ISO 26262

Support of ISO 26262

The ISO26262 Functional Safety – Road Vehicules standard provides guidelines for the production of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems that are installed on passenger vehicules with a maximum gross weight of up to 3.5 tons. It is a risk based safety standard where the level of hazardous situation can be assessed and safety measures can be defined to avoid or mitigate the effects of the risks.

What is ISO 26262 with Visure Requirements

Visure Requirements offers comprehensive and agile artifact management for the development and verification of electrical / electronic / programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems within road vehicles.
It provides end-to-end traceability between all the items, hazards, safety goals, risks, safety requirements, verification, changes and project artifacts in one single environment and through the integration with other tools of the lifecycle.  This helping user to enforce their process to comply with ISO26262 and creating the necessary deliverables to meet the ASIL Levels.


  • One single, process-oriented solution for all hazard, risk, requirement, verification, problem reporting and project artifact
  • Centralized and open repository for all artifacts
  • End-to-end traceability between the artifacts, for full impact analysis
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Management
  • Requirements Quality enforcement