Risk Management – FMEA

Risk Management- FMEA – with Requirements Management tool


Failure mode and effects analysis

FMEA (Failure mode and effect analysis) is an inductive failure analysis used in System development projects and by many System Engineering organizations. It is used for the analysis of failure modes within a solution for classification by the severity and likelihood of failures.

The Visure FMEA extension provides Engineering teams a complete out-of-the-box-solution for performing risk analysis on their requirements projects.

  • The FMEA extension shows Risks and their potential hazards in the project and their corresponding values for Detection, Severity, Occurrence, and any required information such as Potential. Failure Mode, Potential Effects of Failure, Potential Causes, Pre and Post mitigation.
  • Mitigation action can be defined along with their Risk Control Actions and Responsibility.
  • RPN (Risk Priority Number) is visually displayed for risks and action and is calculated automatically based on the values entered for severity, occurrence and detection attributes.
  • Requirements of any level (system, software, etc.) and represented altogether in an interactive grid so that teams can easily update the information and generate actions. The extension provides an out-of-the-box Risk Analysis Dashboard.
  • With the Visure traceability functions the FMEA extension can be used to follow the evolution of the Requirements over time and over the full Requirements lifecycle.


  • FMEA support on any Requirements level to support mitigation of risks detection with built-in RPN calculation.
  • Risk dashboard reports for all level of the system.
  • One platform for all the Requirements related activities.
  • Support for better quality, reduced risk and avoiding possible failures.