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Our Vision

We define Requirements Definition and Management as a global set of different activities where requirements specification and subsequent management thereof are not sufficient and other activities are required, such as requirements Capture, Analysis, Verification and Validation, without forgetting to carry out adequate change Configuration and Control Management, in addition to the traceability of the requirements to the rest of the project elements.

Visure not only helps its clients to expedite the Requirements Definition and Management implementation process but also to use and manage it, through the use of different mechanisms and training, evaluation and specialized consulting activities.

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About Visure

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Gain a Specialized Partner

We offer specialized, innovative and user-friendly solutions to implement efficient requirements definition and management processes, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality in the development of our clients' products, systems and services.

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Commitment to Your Success

Our motivation is to help our clients deliver quality products and systems. That's why we treat our clients' requests as opportunities for improving our products, guarantee integration of our solutions, offer support at all levels to guarantee project success.

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Ensure Ongoing Innovation

Our ongoing commitment to innovation allows us to maintain technological leadership in our solutions, enabling us to propose and support market trends and reach a compromise between our clients' current needs and the technology required to meet them.

 We Enable Best-of-Breed Tool Integrations with High-Level Customization

Elena Perez RodriguezSystem Engineer, Lidax Edit Top
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“Visure Requirements ALM Platform really simplified the project traceability and impact analysis process, that used to be very time consuming before Visure.”
David WarwickSoftware Group Lead
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“Visure Requirements ALM removes the administrative overhead of keeping multiple Word/Excel documents up to date, while maintaining a flexible approach which fits with our existing ISO processes.”
Michael D.System Engineering- Aerospace Industry
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“Visure tools helped identify deficiencies in our traceability from using traditional spreadsheets for a mission critical customer.”
Reza MadjidiConsuNova- CEO
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“The quicker the developer can demonstrate the proof of the completed reviews, the more credibility they show to the certification authorities such as FAA and EASA.”