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7 Mistakes to Avoid to Guarantee a Smooth Transition from DOORS to Visure Registration

Is IBM DOORS slowing you down?

Did you know that many top global organizations are finding that using IBM® DOORS® for requirements management limits their ability to establish a full traceability and regulatory compliance across a product’s lifecycle?

7 Mistakes to Avoid to Guarantee a Smooth Transition from DOORS to Visure

After being involved in migrating several projects from IBM DOORS to Visure Requirements Management Tool, we came up with a safe and straightforward process. 
You can migrate your entire IBM DOORS legacy projects in just 3 simple steps. This automated migration will move all your data including links, baseline sets, attributes, types, users, and groups in one single step.

How to Map DOORS Structure to Visure Structure: Conversion of Modules to Specifications, and Conversion of Link Modules to Data Models?

Compatibility of OLE Objects and Tables in DOORS with Visure Descriptions.

How to Migrate Attributes and Definitions of the Workflows in Visure?

How to Leverage Dashboards and Automations?

What Mistakes to Avoid at Each Step of the Migration Process from DOORS to Visure?

How to reduce migration risk & uncertainty

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Visure, an All-in-one Enterprise Requirements ALM Platform

Requirements Management

Risk Management

Test Management

Enables Collaboration & Full Traceability

Supports round-trip integration with MS Word/Excel

Native bidirectional synchronization between JIRA and Visure

What industry professionals say about us

Michael D.
Michael D.System Engineer- Aerospace Industry
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“Visure tools helped identify deficiencies in our traceability from using traditional spreadsheets for a mission critical customer.”
 Reza Madjidi
Reza MadjidiCEO- ConsuNova
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“The quicker the developer can demonstrate the proof of the completed reviews, the more credibility they show to the certification authorities such as FAA and EASA.”
David WarwickSoftware Group Lead
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“Visure Requirements ALM removes the administrative overhead of keeping multiple Word/Excel documents up to date, while maintaining a flexible approach which fits with our existing ISO processes.”
Elena Perez Rodriguez
Elena Perez RodriguezSystem Engineer, Lidax Edit Top
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“Visure Requirements ALM Platform really simplified the project traceability and impact analysis process, that used to be very time consuming before Visure”

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Visure Requirements ALM platform is an all-in-one solution, that centralizes requirements, risk and testing processes. It’s a must have tool for engineering teams building complex products or systems, enabling them to gain full traceability across multiple projects. 

  • To complete the entire Application Development Lifecycle Management, we’ve developed Add-ons for Visure’s core Requirements ALM product. You can learn more about each add-on by visiting each of their pages. Our Add-ons include:
  1. Automated Checklists
  2. Report Manager
  3. Contributor
  4. Tool Qualification Package
  5. Quality Analyzer
  6. All Integrations

Great question! Yes, Visure Requirements ALM offers a 30-Day Free Trial. You can start your free trial after registering for the webinar our on home page.

No, neither credit cards nor contracts are required for your free trial.

You can test drive Visure, and cancel anytime.

At Visure, we support and have native integrations with: VectorCAST, Jira, Azure DevOps, GitLab, Sparx EA, Word & Excel, and ReqIF. These native integrations are bi-directional, syncing the information automatically between tools. Your team can customize and configure the tool and its integration to fit your workflow methodologies, adapting to processes such a Waterfall, Agile, and Hybrid types of processes

In addition, with ReqIF, engineering teams can exchange data and documents across third party tools. These includes tools such as MATLAB Simulink, Cameo, Rapita Systems, IBM DOORS and Ansys Scade.