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What the Requirements Methodology Includes

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Use cases in Requirements Engineering

Do you need to understand uses cases in the context of the requirements process and how they can be used to improve communication between analysts and users? Make sure you master the theoretical concepts and learn to apply use cases effectively in your daily work!

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Mastering the Requirements process

This is the Volere flagship course and is endorsed by IIBA™. This workshop presents a complete process for uncovering the real requirements, testing them for correctness, and recording them clearly, unambiguously and comprehensively. Book your seat for this 3 days course!

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Methodology for Requirements Definition and Management

Many projects fail because of the lack of a Requirements Management process. This course offers a tool-independent approach focused on understanding the key role of requirements in the context of system development processes. Request more info!

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How to write Requirements

This course focuses on best practices for understanding and writing requirements, and the characteristics required of a good requirement specification. The final part includes the use of a tool that automates checking rules when drafting requirements. Request info now!

 Visure transforms the way these companies develop products and complete projects.

Elena Perez RodriguezSystem Engineer, Lidax Edit Top
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“Visure Requirements ALM Platform really simplified the project traceability and impact analysis process, that used to be very time consuming before Visure.”
David WarwickSoftware Group Lead
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“Visure Requirements ALM removes the administrative overhead of keeping multiple Word/Excel documents up to date, while maintaining a flexible approach which fits with our existing ISO processes.”
Michael D.System Engineering- Aerospace Industry
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“Visure tools helped identify deficiencies in our traceability from using traditional spreadsheets for a mission critical customer.”
Reza MadjidiConsuNova- CEO
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“The quicker the developer can demonstrate the proof of the completed reviews, the more credibility they show to the certification authorities such as FAA and EASA.”