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Video-Visure ALM7

Visure Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software, services, and sector-specific solutions that enable companies to optimize their product and service delivery lifecycles while staying compliant with industry regulations. It helps organizations reduce time-to-market, improve quality standards, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate time-to-market effectively.

Visure 7.1, the new release of Visure’s Requirements ALM Platform introduces a host of innovative features that make traceability easier than ever.

Here is a sneak peek of V7.1:

  • 0:26 – Requirements Specification
  • 25:12 – Requirements Traceability
  • 28:29 – Data Models
  • 31:37 – Suspect Links
  • 33:08 – Defect Tracking
  • 34:51 – Traceability Matrix

The High Cost of Poor Requirements Management

June 06th, 2024

11 am EST | 5 pm CET | 8 am PST

Louis Arduin

Louis Arduin

Main Speaker

Impact & Solutions for Inefficient Requirements Management

Explore the significant impact that inefficient requirements management practices can have on project costs and timelines.