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What is CMMI?

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) describes the best practices, already applied in the industry, to develop, maintain and acquire products and services. It provides a framework that allows assessing the level of maturity in an organization or its capability in relation to the processes it performs, to set priorities in order to put into practice the improvements that have to be carried out and to realize those improvements.

How to establish IEC-62304 Compliance with a Requirements Management Tool?

Visure Requirements shares with CMMI this approach: requirements management is closely linked with requirements development. A Requirements Engineering process supported by Visure Requirements includes activities specific to requirements management, such as the unambiguous identification of requirements, versioning, traceability, etc., and others such as the definition of business models and interfaces, and the identification of functionalities of the system to be developed.

What will you learn in this complete guide?

  • What is CMMI?
  • Maturity and Capability Levels of CMMI
  • How does Visure work at every level of CMMI?
  • Best CMMI Practices

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