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How to Set up and Plan Traceability for Requirements


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What is Requirements Traceability?

requirements traceability is the process of tracking requirements throughout the development cycle. During this, a thread of documents is prepared that provides complete bi-directional visibility of all the activities surrounding each requirement. Requirements traceability is considerably helpful in minimizing the potential risk of negative outcomes and maximizing productivity.

Why is end-to-end traceability essential for effective requirements management?

There are various benefits that are provided by requirements traceability. They include:

  • It makes impact analysis easier.
  • It helps in making changes properly. Hence, improves product quality.
  • It also helps define the traceability links in a way that it records the reverse engineering knowledge as well. 
  • In case a team member with vital knowledge leaves the company, having complete information transparency helps a lot. It majorly reduces the risk of incorrect development. 
  • It confirms 100% test coverage via an appropriate verification process. 

What will you learn in this complete requirements traceability guide?

  • How to identify the primary stakeholders and why is it needed to establish a clearly defined business case?
  • How to establish full traceability between the grammatical and diagrammatic system representations?
  • And what is the difference between the ‘World of Words’ and ‘World of Pictures’?

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