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Within the oil and gas sector, it is vital that both employees and corporations alike adhere to stringent safety regulations as well as document all requirements precisely. While constructing requirement documents can be a tedious task, accuracy of information combined with clarity in writing are imperative for successful comprehension by stakeholders. All questions must be answered adequately while also maintaining brevity so readers can quickly understand key points.

In order to overcome these obstacles, our team has partnered with numerous oil business professionals in order to understand what they desire from the documents they are reading and uncover their best practices while authoring such products.

Requirements Management in the Oil and Gas Industry

Requirements Management in the Oil and Gas Industry refers to the process of identifying, documenting, tracking, and analyzing the requirements (needs and expectations) of stakeholders in the development and operation of oil and gas assets. This process helps to ensure that the assets meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, including regulators, customers, and other stakeholders, while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards. This involves gathering, documenting, and communicating requirements from internal and external stakeholders, tracking and managing changes to requirements, and ensuring that the requirements are satisfied in the design, development, and operation of the assets.

What will you learn in this whitepaper?

  • What is Requirements Management in the Oil and Gas Industry?
  • Challenges in the Oil and Gas Requirements Management
  • Requirements Management Checklist for the Oil and Gas Industry
  • How does Visure help you solidify your Oil and Gas Requirements Management?

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Streamlining Requirements Management and Validation

July 11th, 2024

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Louis Arduin

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Learn how to streamline requirements management and validation for the best outcomes.