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Requirements Management: Challenges and Solutions


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With the world becoming increasingly digitized, the software is now present in nearly everything we do. As a result, those with exceptional software skills are very much in demand. With such high competition for talented developers, companies must focus on ways to improve their innovation processes, tools, and teams if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Requirements are important for the success of any software project. In fact, requirements management (RM) issues are some of the most common causes of failures in technology projects. As new challenges arise, more and more product developers are realizing that their old methods for managing requirements aren’t good enough to guarantee success. To avoid failure, they need ways to make their requirements engineering activities more efficient and accurate.

In this eBook, we explore the most common problems product developers face with regard to resource management. We also examine the strategies that successful teams use to overcome these issues!

What is Requirements Management?

Requirements can be defined as the characteristics that a software system must possess to fulfill its intended purpose. Requirements management is the process of handling these requirements throughout the software development life cycle, from initial planning to final delivery and maintenance. This includes activities such as gathering requirements, documenting them, tracking changes, and managing communication between stakeholders.

What will you learn in this whitepaper?

  • What is Requirements Management?
  • What are the vantages of requirements management?
  • Major Challenges with Requirements Management
  • Solutions to Overcome these Challenges
  • Roadmap to Implement Effective Requirements Management Solution
  • How does Visure help in enhancing your organizational requirements management process?

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