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What is Requirement Traceability?

O. Gotel and A. Finkelstein define requirements traceability as, “Requirements traceability refers to the ability to describe and follow the life of a requirement, in both a forward and backward direction”. 

What is the Requirement Traceability Matrix?

A traceability matrix is a document that combines two baseline documents that need many-to-many relationships to check the completeness of the relationship. A traceability matrix is used for one to keep a record of requirements and two to ensure requirement fulfillment. 

Importance of Traceability Matrix

The main target of every tester is to understand the client’s requirements properly and ensure that the developed product is up to the mark and as defect-free as possible. Creating negative as well as positive test cases is what is required here. An RTM is a worksheet that contains all the information related to the client’s requirements. It also contains information about possible test cases and scenarios and at what stage they are currently. 

What will you learn in this complete guide?

  • What is Requirements Traceability Matrix?
  • Importance of RTM
  • Methods of creating Traceability
  • How to generate a traceability matrix with Visure?

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