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What is Requirements Management?

Requirements management is the process of gathering, analyzing, and validating the requirements and needs for a given product or system being developed. A successful requirements management process ensures that completed deliverables meet stakeholders’ expectations.

How does Requirements Management impact Project Cost and Savings?

Having strong requirement management ensures the success of a project by enabling the development teams to control the scope of the project. Furthermore, it helps in directing the project development lifecycle in the desirable direction. Traditionally, the requirements were captured manually with the help of spreadsheets. But nowadays, many tools in the market will do the work for you. 

The major benefits of implementing requirements management tools include:

  • Greater effectiveness in project management and adding accuracy to the project controlling. 
  • Increasing and maintaining traceability on all levels
  • Increased efficient re-use and product-line management
  • Higher ability to create baselines
  • Improved knowledge of project scope to the stakeholders

Overall, the requirement management tools help in executing the plan, reducing production costs, speeding up the market, and also improving quality control.

What You’ll Learn in this Requirements Management Guide

  • How to improve Product Quality with Requirements.
  • How to decrease development costs and cycle times with Requirements Management.
  • Why 60%+ of projects in heavily regulated industries fail.

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