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By Functionality – Requirements Management

Requirements Gathering

Our Requirements Management software eases the Requirements Capture process helping gather complete and precise requirements to deliver products that meet the customer needs and align business with engineering.

Requirements Specification

Visure Requirements enormously helps documenting Requirement Specifications. It allows grouping, classifying and present requirements in the most appropriate way according to our needs, as well as generating the corresponding documents by means of Visure Report Manager.

Requirements Management

With Visure Requirements, tasks associated with Requirements Management are simplified enormously.
Requirements versioning and history will no longer be a hurdle, as the tool manages them for you automatically. Bidirectional traceability is also simplified through traceability matrices and other traceability views.

Requirements Traceability

Visure Requirements allows creating end-to-end traceability and display it in trees and matrices to intuitively find out all the elements in the project directly and indirectly affected by a change.

Requirements Reusability

To be able to implement a Requirements Reusability process, it is of utmost importance to be able to make use of a tool that supports it and makes it efficient. Visure Requirements supports the different reuse modes, as well as dealing with all the notifications and propagation of updates throughout the projects.

Requirements Reporting

Visure Report Manager allows the definition of corporate or user-specific templates that define the look and formatting of reports and hold information where to put actual requirements data.

At the time of report creation, Visure Report Manager pulls the data from the Visure database, populates the selected template and allows to export this data in various different formats.