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Intigia is an engineering company specialized in IP cores and SoC design for safety and mission critical applications in aviation (DO254), space (ECSS) and automotive (ISO26262) markets.



Visure Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of requirements management tools, has partnered with Intigia, an engineering company specializing in IP cores and SoC design for safety and mission-critical applications in aviation (DO-254), space (ECSS), and automotive (ISO 26262) markets. Intigia’s expertise in developing reliable, high-performance solutions ensures optimal design, reduced risk, and compliance with stringent industry standards.

The partnership between Visure Solutions, Inc. and Intigia represents a significant advancement in the fields of software development and project management for safety-critical industries. By combining Visure’s cutting-edge requirements management technology with Intigia’s specialized domain expertise, the collaboration aims to deliver comprehensive solutions that address the complex challenges faced by organizations in aviation, space, and automotive sectors. This strategic alliance will empower clients to streamline their development processes, enhance project efficiency, and achieve higher standards of quality and compliance, ensuring that safety and mission-critical applications meet the highest industry standards.


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Reza Madjidi

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