Requirements collaboration


Feature List

  • Visure Requirements comes with a complete check-in/out mechanism like the ones implemented by CVS system. Every modification is recorded along with the users performing it.
  • Customize the UI for each user, not just creating specific views but also specifying the options, toolbars and tabs available.
  • Create discussion forums associated with the different elements (requirements, tests, etc.)
  • VR allows several users working over the same elements at the same time. Work with one requirement without blocking the others!
  • Visure Requirements seamlessly integrates with MS Office to import and export any item (requirements, tests, use cases, change requests, etc.) and help users work with a proper environment according to their specific needs.


  • Have several users working concurrently
  • Keep tracks of all changes (and rationale!) performed over the elements
  • Involve all the required roles in the requirements process