Process Driven

Process Driven Requirements Engineering

Process Driven

Feature List

  • Use hierarchy between blocks to extend the behavior of elements: Functional requirements are also requirements, but with specific fields, properties and traceability
  • Restrict traceability based on the traces represented in the diagram: Allow users to create a use case only out of a functional requirements and never out of a non-functional one
  • Use the diagram to navigate to different items or even to analyze traceability, even the indirect traces!
  • Define custom approval process for each element your are managing based on the workflows diagram
  • Any Requirements process supported:
    • CMMI level 2 and 3
    • SPICE
    • Tender management processes (RFI, RFP, etc.)
    • Agile methodologies
    • Product validation
    • BABOK
    • Ad hoc processes….who can easily understand, follow and participate in the defined process, enforcing it.


  • All the artifacts along with the block diagrams and workflows allow users to define and follow from very simple to highly complex Requirements processes in just one single tool.
  • All the stakeholders can easily understand, follow and participate in the defined process.
  • Administrators can enforce users to follow the process by customizing each element field and restricting traceability.
  • Generate triggers to notify users about the status change of an element following its workflow: "Your requirements have been approved"