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Visure Report Manager

Visure Report Manager

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With Visure Report Manager, you can create tailor-made reports for your Visure Requirements projects. This makes it easy to get the evidence you need for regulatory compliance, requirement specifications, test session summaries, dashboards, or any other required output. You can also define corporate or user-specific templates that determine the look and formatting of reports–including where to insert actual requirements data.

Visure allows you to quickly generate reports and improve communication within your company by providing a range of output formats, including PDFs, MS Word and Excel files, HTML reports, and XML.

Beyond the data within the database, Visure’s Report Manager also offers calculations and metrics that can be accessed via predefined operations or standard programming languages like C# and VB. These indicators can then be displayed in configurable charts (pie, bars, etc.) to help communicate your project status more effectively or generate dashboards.

The power to efficiently deliver the products your customers demand.

The Requirments ALM platform from Visure allows you to manage requirements throughout the development process and ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page. With this powerful tool, you can improve communication, increase clarity, and deliver the products your customers demand.

Visure Report Manager generates custom reports based on the Visure Requirements projects, helping deliver the necessary regulatory compliance evidence, requirements specifications, test session summaries, dashboards, or any other required output.

At the time of report creation, Visure Report Manager pulls the data from the Visure database, populates the selected template, and allows the export of this data in various different formats, including, in one single report all the information, including a glossary of terms, requirements, use cases, test scenarios, traceability between them, UML and functional diagrams, overall status, and any other information from the projects.

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June 06th, 2024

11 am EST | 5 pm CET | 8 am PST

Louis Arduin

Louis Arduin

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