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Visure Requirements Complete Feature List

Requirements Management

  • Requirement types
  • Mandatory Attributes
  • Filters
  • User-defined views
  • View sharing
  • Role-based user interface
  • Graphically defined requirement process and traceability
  • Multi-dimensional structuring of requirements artifacts
  • Built-in Workflows
  • Unlimited number of user defined attributes
  • Version management and comparison
  • Roll-back to older versions

Requirements Traceability

  • Relationships between requirements
  • Relationships between requirements and tests
  • Relationships between requirements and external information
  • Indirect traceability
  • Full Traceability
  • Suspects relationships

Requirements Reuse

  • Requirements sharing
  • Requirements copy + link
  • Requirements copy
  • Automatic update of reused requirements

Requirements Elicitation

  • Manual and automatic capture from MS Excel, MS Word and Outlook
  • Automatic import/export of ReqIF (Requirements Interface Format)
  • Rich text requirements description and links to external files in local folders or in SCM tools
  • Requirements Hierarchy
  • Automatic code configuration

Requirements Analysis

  • Requirements Traceability
  • Assisted requirements decomposition
  • Organize the model based on different criteria

Verification and Acceptance Tests

  • Definition of acceptance tests
  • Automatic capture of acceptance tests from MS Office
  • Traceability between tests and requirements
  • Certified integration with HP Quality CenterFit-Criteria for requirements
  • Validation matrix

Project Management

  • Access Partitions and user management
  • Integration with user management tools: Active Directory, LDAP
  • Graphical representation of domains and blocks
  • Navigate through the specification using the block and domain diagrams
  • Hyperlinks to elements in the project
  • Multiple specifications in domain and blocks

Report Generation

  • User defined reports
  • Several formats supported: HTML, PDF, DOCX, XML, XLS, CSV, etc
  • Corporate reports
  • Automatic generation of reports
  • Predefined reports
  • Interactive reports

Configuration Management

  • Generation of full or partial Baselines
  • Baseline comparison
  • Electronic signature on baselines


  • Integration Platform support for: agosense.symphony
  • Custom Plug-In support
  • Integration with other requirements tool ReqIF import/export
  • Automatic capture from MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook)
  • Direct export to MS Excel and MS Word
  • Integration with SCC compliant Configuration Management tools: Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Serena PVCS, Seapine SurroundSCM, Rational ClearCase, etc

Integrations With Other Tools

  • Accept 360
  • Accompa
  • Accurev SCM
  • Agilefant
  • ASAM
  • Atlassian Jira
  • Bugzilla Bug Tracking
  • Chili Project
  • CVS Source Control
  • Daimler DANTE
  • Digite
  • Fog Creek FogBugz
  • Git
  • HP ALM
  • HP Quality Center
  • IBM Rational Change
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest
  • IBM Rational Doors
  • IBM Rational Requisite Pro
  • IBM Rational Rhapsody
  • IBM Rational Synergy
  • IBM Rational System Architect
  • IBM Rational Team Concert
  • Jama Contour
  • MS Sharepoint
  • MS Team Foundation Server
  • Perforce Software
  • Polarion ALM
  • PTC MKS Integrity
  • pure::variants
  • Rally Software
  • Redmine
  • RIF/ReqIF
  • SAP Netweaver
  • Seapine Test Track
  • Serena Business Manager
  • SmartBear Software Planner
  • Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Subversion Source Control
  • Thoughtworks Mingle
  • Tosca Testsuite
  • Trac Source Control
  • VersionOne Software