Visure Implementation

Visure Implementation

Implementation of the Visure Requirements, Requirements Definition and Management Solution

Our objective at Visure, when implementing our Requirements Definition and Management Solution, Visure Requirements, is to ensure its total adaptation to the organization’s processes, so that the analysts, project managers, users or other profiles affected by the implementation of the Solution perceive it from the start as an aid to their daily work that will help them to manage and establish their requirements and specifications in a simple and efficient manner.

The successful implementation of a solution such as Visure Requirements requires Visure Requirements-certified team with extensive experience in the solution implementation process, in order to ensure that the organization’s characteristics and the Requirements Definition and Management process that Visure Requirements will be supporting are taken into account.

At Visure we have an Visure Requirements implementation methodology which has been validated over the last ten years in implementation projects at different-sized organizations (from small companies to large multinational corporations) and belonging to very different business areas, both in the software development and systems engineering world.

The Visure Requirements implementation methodology combines consulting and training services. It has an open and flexible approach based on the analysis of the following factors:

  • Current situation of the organization in relation to the requirements, based on the RCM (Requirements Capability Model) developed by Visure.
  • Existing or currently implemented Requirements Definition and Management process.
  • Level of maturity of the organization with respect to the process.
  • Currently used tools that Visure Requirements will be substituting or integrating.

Implementation is approached in different phases, with activities and deliverables defined in each of them and whose duration is adjusted in accordance with the needs of each of our clients. The main tasks to be carried out to effectively implement the Visure Requirements Solution in your organization are:

  • Analysis of the organization’s Requirements Definition and Management processes in order to determine the phases and activities to be automated.
  • Definition and implementation of the necessary parameterization to fully support the organization’s requirements process in Visure Requirements.
  • Creation of project templates in Visure Requirements.
  • Creation of reusable requirements catalogues and implementation thereof in Visure Reqirements.
  • Qualification of the methodology and quality teams so that they can adapt said parameterization to the new needs that arise in the organization.
  • Training of the participants in the requirements process, adapted to the use of Visure Requirements in their daily work.
  • Full integration of Visure Requirements in the lifecycle of the systems developed in the organization.
  • Creation of Visure Requirements user guides adapted to the different profiles that participate in the requirements process.
  • Customized development to facilitate the integration of Visure Requirements with other tools used in the organization.
  • Execution of pilot projects to validate the parameterization defined for Visure Requirements and the developed integrations.
  • Training in new Visure Requirements versions and recommendations for improving the parameterization made based on the new capabilities implemented in the product.
  • Ongoing Visure Requirements implementation support through control and measurement mechanisms that will quantitatively allow analysis of the advantages achieved.