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Visure Requirements Tool Courses & Trainings

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What Your Team Will Gain With the Courses

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Visure Requirements Basics

This course is aimed at all Visure Requirements users; covers the basic functionality of the tool needed for most of the tasks to be done with it.n Hands-on course, which enables a user to navigate through the tool, create and edit requirements, create traceability, and to understand the basics of change control and analysis

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Visure Requirements Advanced

Moving forward with Visure Requirements? This course includes the Visure Requirements Basic course and it adds more advanced capabilities. It enables users and project managers, group leaders or small user groups, to have all the concepts needed to use Visure Requirements within the full life cycle of a project.

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Visure Requirements Proficiency

Looking to become a master in Visure? This course includes Visure Requirements Basic and Advanced courses, plus complete concepts to cover all the functionality available to the user of the tool. The course covers every functional aspect of the tool, from the basic functionality to the functionality needed to setup a project.

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Visure Requirements Report Manager

This workshop is especially designed for projects with specific publishing and/or reporting needs. You will learn how to design and create corporate and user reports, from simple to advanced reports. Make your reports fun and functional!

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Visure Requirements Systems Administrators

This course is aimed at the tool administrator, responsible for the installation and maintenance of Visure Requirements. Architecture, installation, system level configuration, virtualization, and best practices are covered.

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Visure Requirements Plugins Development

Trying to acquire the necessary knowledge to create your own Visure Requirements plugins? This 2-day course is an introduction to Visure Requirements plugin development that will enable you to create, extend or modify existing functionalities.

 Visure transforms the way these companies develop products and complete projects.

Elena Perez RodriguezSystem Engineer, Lidax Edit Top
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“Visure Requirements ALM Platform really simplified the project traceability and impact analysis process, that used to be very time consuming before Visure.”
David WarwickSoftware Group Lead
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“Visure Requirements ALM removes the administrative overhead of keeping multiple Word/Excel documents up to date, while maintaining a flexible approach which fits with our existing ISO processes.”
Michael D.System Engineering- Aerospace Industry
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“Visure tools helped identify deficiencies in our traceability from using traditional spreadsheets for a mission critical customer.”
Reza MadjidiConsuNova- CEO
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“The quicker the developer can demonstrate the proof of the completed reviews, the more credibility they show to the certification authorities such as FAA and EASA.”