Visure Requirements software for software factories

Visure for Software Factories

Your Challenges

  • Satisfy operation requirements: security, reliability and performance.
  • Allow for more and faster releases while maintaining full traceability and auditability.
  • Integrate your clients' heterogeneous processes (XP, Scrum, Waterfall, etc.) but yet producing comparable KPIs to generate metrics across projects.
  • Manage and share overload information in an automated way in order to minimize manual errors.
  • Allow your clients to continue working with their current tools while you do not lose control of your Requirements Engineering processes.


Our Benefits

  • Visually automate Requirements Engineering processes, in order to guarantee that these are used correctly in all projects.
  • Visure Requirements allows your clients to maintain their current tools: the requirements will be synchronized with the specific tools of each of your clients. Apart from this, our tool can be integrated in your clients' development environment with the multiple integrations available or the Integration Framework.
  • Standardize reports, metrics and dashboards in all projects.
  • Import and export requirements from Word and Excel by simple clicking a button.
  • Reusable components that contain requirements, test or services. These components are subsequently published so that new or existing projects can totally partially reuse them.
  • Powerful traceability: maintain the services and test synchronized in your customers' repository, providing a powerful traceability analysis capability unique in the market providing a powerful traceability analysis capability unique in the market.