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What is IBM Rational RequisitePro?

What is IBM Rational RequisitePro?

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What is IBM Rational RequisitePro?

IBM Rational RequisitePro is a requirements management tool developed by IBM. The software helps manage the complexity of large-scale projects by providing software designers, developers, and other stakeholders with an organized view of project objectives, data models, and requirements documents. It also provides support for tracking changes in requirements over time, automating the change process for faster completion of projects.

Additionally, users can access historical information about past releases in order to identify areas where refinement may be required. By using IBM Rational RequisitePro, it is possible to ensure that all stakeholders have an accurate view of the project’s progress and that any concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently. This helps streamline development processes and improves overall product quality.

What Is Rational RequisitePro Used for?

Rational RequisitePro allows users to organize and prioritize requirements to trace relationships between them and track changes that affect them, capturing the change history for each requirement and creating an audit trail of the evolution of project requirements.

Additionally, RequisitePro integrates with other Rational Suite tools, which are designed to unify cross-functional teams and support enterprise software projects from requirements to release.

What Are the Rational RequisitePro Suite Tools?

The Rational Suite is a comprehensive set of software tools that together provide a full lifecycle solution for analysts, developers, and testers, unifying cross-functional teams and supporting enterprise software projects from requirements to release. The suite includes the following tools:

  • Rational Unified Process: This Rational Suite tool provides a model for effectively implementing commercially proven approaches to iterative software development.
  • Rational Method Composer: The purpose of this Rational Suite tool is to ensure that everyone understands and can easily follow a practical, iterative process.
  • Rational ClearQuest: This defect and change-tracking Rational Suite tool are designed to help everyone understand the current state of software quality.
  • Rational SoDA: By automating the generation and maintenance of comprehensive project documentation and reports, this Rational Suite tool removes costly manual errors and increases productivity.
  • Rational ClearCase LT: Serves as a common repository for all software development assets, this Rational Suite tool provides a reliable version control system.
  • Rational TestManager: Bundled with IBM Rational Robot software, this Rational Suite tool consolidates test planning, execution, and analysis activities, including legacy and proprietary test assets.
  • Rational ProjectConsole: To improve project predictability, this Rational Suite tool makes it easy for users to monitor project status and generate objective project measurements.
  • Rational Rose XDE: Also known as eXtended Development Environment, Rose is a software development environment for using model descriptions and pattern languages to drive code development.
  • Rational developerWorks: By offering more than a thousand online articles, white papers, and artifacts, this Rational Suite tool helps teams solve problems and improve individual proficiency.
  • Rational PureCoverage: Supporting C, C++, and Java applications, this Rational Suite tool can be easily deployed to identify the lines and functions in your code that have not been exercised by testing.
  • Rational Purify: designed for improving application reliability and performance, this Rational Suite tool for run-time analysis combines memory error and memory leak detection, application performance profiling, and code coverage analysis into a single package.
  • Rational Quantify: Complementing Rational Purity, this Rational Suite tool identifies the portions of your application that dominate its execution time.
  • Rational Robot: A complete set of components for automating the testing of Microsoft Windows client or server and Internet applications.
  • Rational TestFactory: Measures and evaluates code-based test coverage for Rational Robot Test Scripts and automatically generates comprehensive test scripts.
  • Rational Process Workbench: This process of customizing and publishing the Rational Suite tool assists process engineers by accelerating their delivery of customized software applications.
  • Rational NetDeploy: This Rational Suite tool can be used to automate all deployment activities to effortlessly set up servers as needed.
  • Rational SiteLoad: Best described as a web-based load testing product, Rational SiteLoad is designed to help organizations prevent website failures.

RequisitPro Limitations

RequisitPro is a great requirements management tool, but it’s not without limitations. One problem with RequisitPro users often complain about is its unintuitive user interface, which makes even relatively simple tasks quite cumbersome to perform.

Performance and stability can also be issues, and RequisitPro requires the occasional restart to remain responsive.

While the learning curve of RequisitPro isn’t too steep, it’s highly suggested to hire a contractor to get the repository up and running.

Last but not least, the thick-client version of RequisitPro offers a slightly different set of features than the web version, which can lead to confusion and unfortunate issues.

RequisitPro Tool Alternative

Of course, RequisitPro isn’t the only requirements management tool available. For example, there is also Visure Requirements ALM Platform, state-of-the-art requirements management software specifically designed to provide integral support to the complete requirement process.

Visure Requirements is designed to become the process backbone and manage all requirement-related information, their relationships, and their interactions with the users. Not only is Visure Requirements ALM Platform fully customizable, but it’s also easy and collaborative.

Organizations that rely on other business tools, such as Rational RequisitePro, Jama Contour, MS Sharepoint, or Salesforce can seamlessly integrate them with Visure Requirements, keeping everything centralized and easy to manage.

Overall, Visure Requirements is a cohesive and highly polished requirements management solution whose features and capabilities cover entire requirements management and more, including requirements traceability, requirements reuse, requirements elicitations requirements analysis, verification and acceptance tests, project management, report generation, and configuration management.


Requirements management doesn’t have to be a chore thanks to modern requirements management software tools. In this article, we introduced Rational RequisitPro and described its features. We also listed some of its limitations and reasons why organizations might want to consider RequisitPro alternatives such as Visure Requirements.

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