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Best IBM DOORS Trainings, Tutorials & Services

Best IBM DOORS Trainings, Tutorials & Services

IBM DOORS is the industry-leading requirements management solution from IBM. It provides an integrated system for writing, organizing, and tracking requirements throughout their lifecycle. With its powerful features, it helps organizations ensure that their products meet customer needs and business goals.

For those looking to gain a deep understanding of how to use IBM DOORS, there is a wide range of training options available. These can include both in-person and online classes that provide comprehensive instruction and guidance on using the application effectively. They also help individuals become certified professionals in this field quickly and easily.

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List of Best Tutorials and Training for IBM DOORS

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS V9.6 – Practitioner by ExitCertified –  This course is designed for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of the DOORS V9.6 tool and its usage in requirements management. Through hands-on activities, you will gain an understanding of the purpose and benefits of using REQM tools to manage requirements during product development life cycles.

IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS: Advanced Level by ExitCertified – Designed for advanced users, this IBM course will teach you how to create complex queries, linkages and understand how to review and analyze data in order to identify gaps or traceability issues. You will also learn how to customize reports and use features such as editing rules and matrix views.

DOORS Essentials Training (exploring Key Concepts) by Fast Lane – This course provides a comprehensive overview of IBM requirements management tools and processes. You will learn how to define, capture, organize, manage, trace and analyze requirements using the DOORS tool. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of baseline documents, change control, and versioning features.

IBM DOORS 9 System Administration Training by Fast Lane – This course is designed for those responsible for administering a DOORS system. It provides a comprehensive overview of how to set up systems based on best practices as well as how to configure data access rights and maintain the system integrity. It covers topics such as setting security levels, creating user roles, and managing baselines.

IBM Requirement Management with Rational DOORS Next Generation by Udemy – This online course provides an introduction to the latest version of IBM’s requirements management software: Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG). Through lecture and hands-on activities, you will learn how to define traceability matrices, review requirement data, create custom reports, and apply security settings to restrict access to sensitive information. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of change control methods and versioning features.


By taking advantage of these training resources, individuals can gain the knowledge and skills needed to become certified experts in IBM DOORS quickly and easily. With the right guidance and support, they can ensure that their organization’s products meet customer needs while also staying within budget and timeline constraints.

Meeting these goals is essential for businesses seeking to remain competitive in today’s market, so it pays to invest in the best tutorials and training for IBM DOORS available. With the help of these resources, organizations can maximize their return on investment by ensuring that their product requirements are managed properly from start to finish.

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