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Software Requirements Template & Samples for Word and Excel

Software Requirements Template & Samples for Word and Excel

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What is a Software Requirements Document?

A software requirements document is a comprehensive list of features and functions that a software product must have in order to meet customer needs. This document usually includes descriptions of the desired features and functionalities, as well as any technical constraints or limitations. Software requirements documents are often created after conducting a thorough requirements-gathering process. They serve as a guide for teams throughout the development lifecycle and can be used for budgeting, timeline management, line management, and risk management as well.

What do we include in an SRS Document?

An SRS document should include a comprehensive list of all the features and functionalities that are necessary for the software product. This document should also include any technical constraints or limitations that may affect the project, as well as budgetary or timeline considerations. Additionally, this document should clearly define the expected results from the project, such as increased efficiency or customer satisfaction.

Why Use a Software Requirements Document Template?

Creating an effective software requirements document upfront is an important step in the software development process. The details provided in this document serve as the foundation for the project by providing clarity on what needs to be developed and how it should work when completed. Without proper documentation upfront, teams may find themselves having to rework code or refactor design which can cause delays. Additionally, a requirements document helps ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and can reduce the chances of miscommunications or errors throughout the development process.

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