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Project Requirements Gathering Template for Word and Excel

Project Requirements Gathering Template for Word and Excel

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What is Requirements Gathering?

Requirements gathering is the process of gathering and documenting all the desired features, functions, and capabilities that a product must have in order to meet customer needs. This includes understanding user or customer goals, current processes, as well as any potential technical constraints. Requirements gathering requires active participation from stakeholders and can involve multiple interviews, surveys, workshops, document reviews, etc. By having a clear understanding of the requirements upfront, teams are able to develop products that better meet customer expectations.

Why is Requirements Gathering Important?

Requirements gathering is an essential part of any software development project as it provides a clear picture of what the end product should look like. Without proper requirements gathering upfront, teams may find themselves spending more time fixing problems caused by inadequate design rather than building new features. Additionally, requirements gathering helps with budgeting, timeline management, and risk management as well. By having a clear understanding of the project goals upfront, teams are able to avoid costly mistakes or missteps that could delay the delivery of the product.

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Louis Arduin

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