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Requirements Management Apps & Tools Integrated with Microsoft Excel

Requirements Management Apps & Tools Integrated with Microsoft Excel

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Requirements Management Apps & Tools Integrated with Microsoft Excel

Visure Requirements ALM Platform: 

Visure is one of the most trusted requirements management platforms that specialize in requirements management for organizations of all sizes across the globe. The major partners of Visure include business-critical and safety-critical companies. The company integrates through the whole Application Lifecycle Management processes including risk management, issue and defect tracking, traceability management, change management, and various other areas like quality analysis, requirements versioning, and powerful reporting.

Visure’s top features include:

Import Seamlessly Many global organizations and startups trace and manage their requirements manually using Microsoft Word and Excel. Fast-track your team’s learning curve and implementation of Visure by importing requirements, traceability, risk, and test cases from MS Office Word & Excel into the Visure Requirements ALM Platform. Additionally, teams will be able to import source code functions linked to requirements, images, tables, and diagrams. This will enable you to get a head start and easily start using modern requirements ALM tool features to measure the quality of requirements, automate repetitive tasks and increase collaboration across engineering teams.

Export Seamlessly – Visure allows you to easily export any items and reports across projects in both Excel and Word formats, which will ease your Stakeholder review and collaboration process, as well as compliance. In addition, Visure’s Report Manager allows teams to generate documents in any format with high-level customization, adding dashboards and metrics across reports for documentation or audits.

Establish Traceability and Control – Why use Visure Requirements ALM and not suit Word and Excel for your requirements? One of the key benefits is that Word and Excel don’t provide teams traceability across projects or requirements. Once you import everything into Visure, within the tool you generate an impact analysis view showcasing the traceability matrix between requirements, risks, tests, and up-to-source code functions. This enables your team to gain end-to-end traceability and control across projects, with multiple collaborators on it.

Requirements Pro: 

Requirements Pro is an Excel-based requirements management tool that enables users to store, track and analyze project requirements within a single integrated platform. It features built-in reporting functionality, configurable dashboards, and a visual workflow designer for managing complex projects. In addition, Requirements Pro also supports the integration of Microsoft Project for tracking task progress and cost control.


Reqtify is an excel based requirement management tool created by consultants with over 20 years of experience in business analysis and consultancy services. Reqtify uses a spreadsheet interface to model project scope, define functional requirements and create traceability matrices between customer needs and solutions. It allows users to efficiently manage the complete life cycle of their requirements from concept to delivery.

Requirements Manager: 

Requirements Manager is a Microsoft Excel-based requirements management tool designed to help users visualize, track and manage their project requirements. It provides users with the ability to create customizable dashboards for tracking progress, analyze data from multiple sources, and generate reports to keep stakeholders informed of changes. The tool also offers integration with other software such as Microsoft Project and JIRA in order to provide an end-to-end solution.


ReqTracer is a powerful yet easy-to-use Microsoft Excel-based application for managing project requirements. It allows users to link related documents, export data from other tools, and standardize formatting across documents stored on SharePoint or OneDrive. Furthermore, ReqTracer provides users with the ability to generate reports and track changes over time, enabling efficient and accurate tracking of progress within a project.


RequirementONE is an enterprise-level requirements management tool that enables users to manage all aspects of their projects in one place. It offers integration with Microsoft Excel and other applications such as JIRA, Confluence, SharePoint, and more. The tool also features powerful analytics capabilities which allow users to quickly identify potential issues and risks associated with their projects. Additionally, RequirementONE has built-in metrics for monitoring project performance and providing stakeholders with real-time visibility into project progress.


With these integrated tools, Microsoft Excel users are able to effectively manage project requirements to ensure the successful delivery of projects. The tools provide users with the ability to quickly identify and address potential issues, create traceability matrices, generate reports and track changes over time. These powerful requirements management tools help streamline the requirement process, making it easier for stakeholders to collaborate and stay on top of project progress.

Requirements management is an important process in software development, but it can be difficult to get right. That’s why many companies are turning to professional requirements management tools like Visure Requirements ALM Platform. Our platform has been designed from the ground up to make requirements management easy and efficient for everyone involved. We offer a free 30-day trial so you can try out our platform and see for yourself how it can help your team create better software faster. Request your free trial today and see what a difference professional requirements management can make for your next project.

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