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Aerospace Tech Week 2023: Micaël Martins’ Presentation

Munich, Germany March 29, 2023 11:00 am EDT Free

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Nowadays, Embedded devices are getting more and more complex: including Mechanics, Hardware, and software, they are expected to have a long product lifetime in which you have to maintain and continuously develop many editions, versions, and variants, and they have to comply with safety and security standards asking for rigorous processes. Thousands of working hours are yearly wasted because of missing control with links between required functionality, Code-version, hw-versions, test cases, etc.

Micaël Martins, European Sales Leader at Visure Solutions, will present some insightful thoughts on “How to get started with a formalized Requirements Process in an Avionic System Development.”

During this conference, we will show how to effectively kick-start your organization’s requirements management process by applying workflows and rules for defining requirements and how to maintain these in the future, in your embedded applications. These features are intended to streamline your organization’s Requirements Management processes and boost stakeholder collaboration. This will also limit the introduction of new bugs which is always a risk during maintenance work or when adding new functionality.

So, make sure to stop by Room 919 on March 29th, at 11 AM, to learn more about Requirements Management in an Avionic System Development.


Given the industrial advancement towards technology, cybersecurity has become a vital necessity in order to protect an organization’s assets from malicious attacks. Requirements management helps organizations ensure that their products are compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations while protecting them from potential security vulnerabilities. This helps organizations save time and money while delivering secure and compliant software products.

Requirements management is essential for any organization that wants to ensure the security and compliance of its products or services. Cybersecurity requirements should be integrated into the software requirement specifications in order to address issues such as authentication, authorization, data integrity, and access control. Furthermore, it helps organizations avoid costly mistakes due to a lack of attention to detail when it comes to security best practices.

Henceforth, Micaël Martins will be thoroughly talking about “How to Write and Manage Requirements for Cybersecurity Embedded Projects” in his presentation at the ‘Cybersecurity in the Testing Environment’ session. So, make sure to stop by Room E124 on March 30th at 11 AM and learn some interesting facts about Requirements Management for Cybersecurity.

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