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7 Mistakes to Avoid to Guarantee a Smooth Transition from DOORS to Visure

Zoom December 8, 2022 10:00 am EDT Free

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7 Mistakes to Avoid to Guarantee a Smooth Transition from DOORS to Visure

Fewer organizations are adopting modern technology platforms, such as IBM DOORS, to meet their demands. To ease the demands of these heterogeneous environments, Visure Requirements ALM integrates with IBM DOORS. This integration allows you to export and import requirements, their blocks (or modules), attributes, traces, and all items in Visure’s proprietary neutral format, XRI (XML for Requirements Interchange), importing or exporting XRI files to DOORS so that the whole trip between Visure Requirements ALM and DOORS (and the other way round) may be completed. 

Migrating complete DOORS projects from an old and pricey platform to Visure Requirements is a safe and simple process. You can migrate your entire project in three minutes with only three simple steps.

Take advantage of the extended views capabilities in Visure Requirements ALM by fine-tuning your project. This automated migration will move all your data including links, baselines, baseline sets, attributes, types, users, and groups in one step.

The moving procedure transfers not only require data from IBM DOORS, but also the entire schema, including all relationships and characteristics. It also assigns users to Visure Requirements so you can begin working on it right away.

In this upcoming webinar, Fernando Valera, CTO, Visure Solution, will be focusing on 7 Mistakes to Avoid to Guarantee a Smooth Transition from DOORS to Visure. Migrating out of DOORS can be a scary and tedious task. However, transitioning to a modern Requirements ALM tool will provide all the benefits that you always wanted to leverage.

During the migration, there are aspects that need to be taken into consideration to guarantee that the migration will be successful, including:

  • How to Map DOORS structure to Visure structure: Conversion of modules to specifications, and conversion of link modules to data models?
  • Compatibility of OLE objects and tables in DOORS with Visure descriptions
  • How to Migrate attributes and definitions of workflows in Visure?
  • How to Leverage dashboards and automation?
  • What Mistakes to Avoid at each step of the Migration Process?
  • And More!

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try visure requirements alm platform
try visure requirements alm platform