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Razorcat Development GmbH specializes in automated testing tools for embedded systems. Their flagship product, TESSY, supports unit and integration testing for C/C++ software, ensuring compliance with safety standards like ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.

Germany, Europe


Visure Solutions Inc., a leading provider of requirements management and ALM solutions, and Razorcat Development GmbH, a premier developer of automated testing tools for embedded systems, collaborate to bring efficient and robust ALM solutions for clients in various industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, and industrial sectors.

Razorcat Development, on the other hand, offers powerful testing tools like TESSY, which is a certified unit and integration testing tool for C/C++ embedded software. TESSY supports a wide range of microcontrollers, compiler environments, and target platforms, making it an ideal solution for safety-related software development. Razorcat Development also provides other tools such as CTE for systematic test design and ITE for integrated test management, ensuring a holistic approach to software testing.

The integration of Visure’s Requirements ALM Platform with Razorcat Development’s TESSY tool for automated testing of embedded software offers a comprehensive solution that spans the entire software development lifecycle. This partnership enables organizations to ensure higher quality and reliability in their software products while reducing development times and costs.

Razorcat Development


Streamlining Requirements Management and Validation

To showcase the benefits of this partnership and provide insights into the integration of requirements management and automated testing, Visure Solutions and Razorcat Development are hosting a joint webinar titled “Streamlining Requirements Management and Validation”. The webinar will feature Louis Arduin, Senior Consultant at Visure Solutions, and Thomas Dirsch, Senior Software Quality Consultant at Razorcat Development GmbH. This event is an excellent opportunity for professionals to learn about best practices and innovative solutions for managing and validating requirements effectively.

Razorcat Webninar Recording

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