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Visure Automated DO-178C and DO-254 Checklists

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What is Automated Checklist and Why is it important?

Visure’s Automated Checklist feature enables engineering teams and organizations to easily import and integrate their checklists or automated templates into the tool.

This results in a productivity increase and reduction in development cycle times since many organizations currently have their checklists in Microsoft Word or Excel, checking them in and out manually.

Use DER Templates to Accelerate Compliance For DO-178C and DO-254

With Visure, you can use automated checklists to manage compliance and easily integrate and access our DER partner’s checklists into our tool.

We’ve partner with ConsuNova, to bring you a first-of-it’s-kind integrated and automated DO-178C and DO-254 checklist review process product.

This will enable you to design and improve a review process around these checklists. 

What is ConsuNova?

ConsuNova is a leading global provider of certification, compliance engineering services and solutions for safety-critical systems to the aerospace and defense industries. ConsuNova provides fast, optimized and cost-effective solutions for ARP 4761, ARP 4754A, DO-200A, DO-254, DO-178C compliance.

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