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Jira Vs Visure

Jira Vs Visure

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Understanding Visure Solutions

Visure is a highly trusted state-of-the-art ALM platform that specializes in requirements management for organizations of all sizes across the globe. The major partners of Visure include business-critical and safety-critical companies. Visure is a flexible and complete ALM tool that is highly capable of providing practical and sound solutions for streamlining your requirements processes. 

The company integrates through the whole ALM processes including risk management, issue and defect tracking, traceability management, change management, and various other areas like quality analysis, requirements versioning, and powerful reporting. Data analysts can create relationships, generate hierarchies, manage traceabilities, and automatically capture requirements from MS Excel, Outlook, and MS Word. 

The features that are like the most about Visure include:

  • Flexible User Interface – Visure guarantees the integration of the solutions with other tools that have already been implemented with open standards and connectors. Visure also provides personalized technical support to its clients and helps them implement initiatives that will help them improve their requirements management procedures. 
  • Pre-Built Templates – Visure offers pre-built templates for you as a starting point. This saves a lot of time for our customers when they want to start fresh. These templates are customizable and can be changed according to one’s requirements. 
  • Quality Assistance – Our clients receive the best quality assistance from writing down your requirement models and providing on-premises services. Visure assists you when you can not trust the cloud for your private data. We also provide quality analysis for the requirements processes in your organization in order to ensure for things run as smoothly as possible. 
  • Standards – Visure supports standard compliance templates for ISO 26262, IEC 62304, IEC 61508, CENELEC 50128, DO-178B/C, FMEA, SPICE, CMMI, etc for helping our customers working in regulated environments such as the medical device industry, aerospace and defense, automotive, finance, pharma, and software. 
  • Integration – Data analysts can create relationships, generate hierarchies, manage traceability, and automatically capture requirements from MS Excel, Outlook, and MS Word. Visure also supports integration with other ALM tools like IBM DOORS and JIRA through Requirement Interchange Format (ReqIF) OMG standards. 
  • Data Models – Visure supports many development processes like Agile, V-model, etc. At Visure, we ensure to analyze the specific problems that are inherent in business models and provide a solutional data model for each specific need. These data models are customizable to relate to the client’s internal processes and can be enforced as required. 

Understanding Atlassian Jira

Jira is one of the most famous ALM tools, by Atlassian, in the market. Jira is majorly used by the Agile teams to plan and track the project along with the corresponding issues. People primarily prefer using Jira for bug and issue tracking on software and applications that are being developed. Jira is highly preferred for product and project management by the organizations working with Agile, Kanban, and Scrum software development methodologies. 

Most liked features of Jira include:

  • Great with Roadmaps – Jira has tailor-made tools that enable you to sketch-out various communication plans and project roadmaps and visualize them on a bigger scale. This enables the teams to roll up their works into bigger goals, track a bigger picture, get ahead of dependencies, and plan with greater mental capacity.
  • Perfect for Agile Workers – Jira is capable of providing a single view for all the user stories and will also generate the required reports and documentation for various sprints like sprint velocity and burndown charts. Moreover, ticket organization into sprints and releases is pretty easy while monitoring the workload and task assignments. 
  • Numerous Integrations – Integration with much third-party software is a usual issue with many ALM tools. Jira, on the other hand, is pretty good at that. In fact, there are more than 3000 applications available on Atlassian Marketplace that would help you extend the features of the software. 
  • Easy Customization – Jira allows its users to create any type of issue. Workflows can be customized as required to fit any requirements. Various elements like tables, forms, reports, and timelines are also customizable as per your requirement.

Visure Requirements Vs Atlassian Jira

Jira is a lightweight tool for requirements management and is highly suitable for software development organizations. On the other hand, Visure is a full-fledged requirements management tool that provides a collaborative application lifecycle management platform. Where Jira’s main focus is to track bugs and issues and manage team activities, Visure’s top features include end-to-end traceability, risk management, testing, quality analysis, and MS Word/Excel integration. Jira is highly used by the software development teams whereas systems engineering teams prefer using Visure for managing complex products. 

Jira and Visure are two very different tools which is a great reason for the latter to have an integration with the former. The below table will show you some more differences between Visure and Jira. 

Jira Project Management

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